About Skewblogs

Skew first watched flat track roller derby in the summer of 2012. She had zero idea of the rules, but thought it all looked kind of cool.

That September she strapped on skates and though she’d like to say she never looked back, she looked back a lot, mainly skating backwards as a front inside pack ref.

She trained as a roller derby referee and has since led rules workshops, ref training and assisted at and run referee bootcamps across the UK.

Skew believes it’s important to train according to your own personal goals, always work towards a thorough understanding roller derby as it grows and develops, and work at communicating well with other officials and players. She has time and energy for anyone who wants to learn officiating skills or just get a stronger grasp on the rules of roller derby.

This blog hopes to help in her work towards that. She is an MRDA recognised official, but wants to note she does not represent the WFTDA, MRDA or any other body, and just wants to help empower derbyists through rules knowledge and training ideas. Please take everything with the appropriate level of salt, and ask questions or suggest amendments if you need to.