Shape of the pack (part two)

This is the second and final post in a mini-blog series about understanding what the pack can look like, helping to develop pack awareness as both an official and as a player. Part one can be found here. Want to keep up with the latest content on Skewblogs? Visit the Facebook page. Hopefully now you’re […]

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Shape of the pack (part one)

Speaking to a lot of rookie officials last year, along with newer skaters at training sessions and scrims, something that came up a lot is wanting to feel more confident at pack awareness (skaters) and pack definition (officials). Matters of the pack can feel difficult and require a lot of derby “bandwidth” – a concept […]

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Rules With Skew (2) – sometimes it’s okay to be stopped…

Misunderstanding 1: If you come to a stop while blocking, it’s automatically a stop block penalty. Misunderstanding 2: It’s necessary for you to maintain a stopped position for all stop block penalties. Demystified: The way stop blocks are penalised is more nuanced and actually falls somewhere between the two misunderstandings. Alongside multiplayer blocks, and contact […]

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