Rules with Skew – an introduction

A few years ago, I used to regularly blog on another medium. The main content of the blog consisted of misunderstandings about the rules I encountered in the roller derby community, and me attempting to demystify them. Apparently people liked that sort of thing…

They were sometimes about that great new tactic that isn’t so great when it comes accompanied by a penalty, misinformation you hear repeated by vets who haven’t realised something has changed, or just the mistakes that every rookie scrimmager makes – I set out to break it down and give a ref’s eye view.

For 2018, I’m updating that content. Some rules have been tweaked, the refereeing philosophy is different, the reference numbers have changed, and new trends in gameplay might necessitate a different approach. It’s also an opportunity to put in brand new content, as the sport has arguably evolved.

I’m always going to try and include an officials’ training thought experiment or activity with each post, aimed at trainees taking their first steps and more advanced officials seeking to consolidate their knowledge. I also recommend skaters giving them a go to really challenge their own understanding of the rules. These blogs are intended to have a little something for everybody.

As with anything rules related, unless specifically indicated otherwise, this is either my interpretation and personal thoughts or things I know to have reached a consensus among high level officials, and not necessarily been made clear to be that of the WFTDA. I’m always up for well-reasoned debate if you disagree, and to modify content if it makes sense to do so. I’ll update each post with the date last modified.

Let’s learn some rules, eh?

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