New Year’s Ref-olution – a four part series

So last year I relocated. New part of the UK, new people, new challenges. I was also privileged enough to help at one bootcamp/clinic for referees, co-run another, and run a third by myself. Much as I’d hope they learned something from me, I learned a LOT from them. Over the year I met the following people:

  • those new to refereeing who didn’t know where to start, because there was SO MUCH STUFF
  • those who wanted to speed on to refereeing open games straight away, without a solid foundation of the essentials
  • those who felt isolated, trying to learn in a league where they were the only referee/s and having nobody more senior to mentor them
  • those who didn’t know how to make the most of their training sessions
  • those without a strong relationship with the league’s coaching team to accommodate their training needs
  • those who thought they’d struggle to adopt a structured referee training program
  • those who always wanted to learn some referee skills but are always needed to be players at scrimmage

So, to dust off the cobwebs, I’ve slapped together a short blog series. My goal with New Year’s Ref-olution is to give some focused ideas for those who want to learn or consolidate their basic refereeing skills. There are activities for those who are starting on their referee journey, are a little further along and want some ideas or who would like to learn referee skills and mindset but don’t know how to fit it in to their existing derby life.

In four parts:

1) The starter kit – what do you need to buy? (And equally, what you don’t)

2) Where do I start, exactly? How you can get started even when you’re away from the track. (For those who are still developing their skating, coming back from injury, or simply want to develop themselves outside of training sessions)

3) Exercising your referee brain – how can you start gaining confidence by developing skills at training, even without scrimmage?

4) Next steps – where can you go from here?

There will be ideas, signposting to some amazing resources and hopefully a little inspiration as you head into 2018. And, even if you’ve been around and seen it all, sometimes it’s great to take some time and review the basics.

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